RKV Adventure & Aero-Sports

For a pleasant experience!

Farming as our ancestors wisely did!

Our forefathers did not have greed & poisonous chemicals. They produced along with other creatures and plants. They protected their produce without mass killing insects or plants. They were happy with what the plants gave  generously. They did not torture the plants with chemicals and methods that are based on greed. THEY REMAINED HEALTHY AND STRONG! Pesticide is indirect form of genocide. We love the plants and trees and insects and creatures! This is their world too. We co-exist with them. When we love them they love us in return! If we break the natural chain as we are presently doing we are heading for our doom. We do not fertilize the land, we do not urge the plants to give more, we do not mass-kill insects and make the produce poisonous, we market only the excess farm produce. We have mangoes, Moringa, herbs like Tulsi etc. We are trying vegetables too. Our motto is "Healthy Natural food for Healthy Natural Life!"

The flowers are happy and we are happy! Love and happiness alone produce flowers like these! No Urea, no ammonia absolutely no poisons! We water them with love and they bloom! 

Love and care lead to relaxation and rest. This is nature and we maintain it here!

Co-existence is the key to peace and happiness. When animals know and observe this simple rule why shouldn't we?

Experiments with manure, charcoal and natural matter are going on all the time. We believe more in practical knowledge and know-how than  mere bookish knowledge. This makes us supply healthy and good nutrients to the growing plants. They return what we give.

We have plenty of co-habitants like langur, baboon, wild boars, cheetahs, sloth bears, wild dogs et al. We don't cross them and in return they don't cross us. It is a happy family of all creations obtained on this terrain. Plenty of birds visit and live here making it a pleasant and natural place where plants too grow abundantly! Shall we call it "Idyllic"?