RKV Adventure & Aero-Sports

For a pleasant experience!

We, some environment conscious simple folks, with serious dreams joined together to create this facility. We are passionate about nature; preserving it in its pristine form is our goal. We do not allow plastic, chemicals like fertilizers, pesticide etc into our campus. All plants and trees here are naturally maintained. We do not pluck flowers as they are more beautiful on the plants than on us. We try to keep the place as natural as possible with locally available materials. Artificial decorations are studiously avoided. Aesthetics takes precedence over modern buildings. We do not allow killing of any animal here as they and we jointly own this place.

We provide 
1. Adventure sport activities 2. Aero sports
3. Camping in eco-friendly     huts and tents
4. Outbound training for       corporate sector
5. Special camps for college     & school students
6.  Recreational camping         & Outdoor activities for 
    families and groups
7.  Star Gazing
9.   Wild life watching